Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Decoupaged Bin Trays

I found this great recycling idea from blog hopping and it kept me busy crafting for almost a week! I also realized that this project is what I have been saving those boxes, milk and cereal cartons for.

Take out one side of the carton...
Decoupaged cut out magazines and seal the top with an electrical tape...

So, where and how will I use them? Hmmm... (tapping fingers on the table)... yeah right, here! Oh my, this is embarassing! But yes, this is my vanity area and they are so cluttered! I am still waiting to have a dresser or a vanity table so, I guess, I am still letting this area on a free style mode. Maybe until then.

I think this project is just perfect for now. The bin trays made a perfect organization solution. They grouped similar items together and made everything neater. What a great recycling project! I was so into it that I made another and another and another! I think I strained my neck!

I also made this cute little box!


  1. Hi again it is realy great how you are doing the recycling thing not ony does it help the environment it helps with saving money on making projects especially if you are like me and it makes you feel good when you are albe to create. These are very lovely great colors and good idea. ( by the way my name come up as Marlene I am know on swap bot as Marley Jayne 18).

  2. Neat idea, I think I could use this as a craft idea at the day care I work at.

    -iggygirl (check out my blog #2 swap)


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