Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Postcard Collection

Around late February of this year, I had the urge to finally sort and organize my latest received postcards. They were from postcrossing, swap-bot and some friends. While in the process of organizing, I was once again found myself drawn to continue my postcrossing account, as well as joined some postcard swaps in swap-bot. The anticipation of receiving beautiful images in a postcard is really exciting. I am waiting for at least about twenty cards right now and I hope they arrive soon!

As of the moment, I am drawn to state or country mapcards, the cartoonish style one. Sample of those cards is the one below. (I don't have this card yet, but I really want this particular card).

I also want to start on recipe card type postcards. Of course, I am still collecting lighthouse postcards.

Good thing postcards are not that expensive to buy and send. Otherwise, another collection of mine has seen it's retirement.

Link to my Lighthouse Postcards collection

Link to my Mapcards/Scenic Views/Landmark Postcards collection

Link to my Miscellaneous Postcards collection