Saturday, October 22, 2011

Embellishing, Recycling, Thrifting

Embellishments can really bring life to something (in real life and crafting). It does not only make it beautiful, but it also makes it become more interesting and fun. I realized this when I was embellishing recycle-able materials like boxes, various cans and empty beauty product containers. I am organizing my little craft table/area, so I need storage for my craft supplies. Photos below are what I have made so far.

This box is for my postcards and used postage stamps collections. I think that using stamps for the decoupage is just perfect for the project. Like, if I need a postcard or a used stamp, I will just have to reach for this particular box.

Next: The orange one is a Royal Tru-Orange soda can. Just a couple of ribbons, a brad and a scrapbook paper were all it took to transform it. It is now my beautiful glitter pen holder. The tall one in the middle hold my bookmarks. The plastic container was from a set of underwear. It looks like glass from afar and it's so pretty beside my books! The third one was a can of flaked sardines. I love the print of this scrapbook paper, so I just added a little trim to accent it. This one holds all sorts of clips (binder clips, paperclips, etc...).
This is also a tin can and it now stores my adhesive tapes.

Adding this:

It turned out so lovely!
Some more! These ones are not related to my craft supplies organization though.

This is an empty facial cream container. I am always hesitant to throw these kind of things because I know that they are still useful in some ways. This, I recycled to be my talcum powder puff container (and the puff fit perfectly)!
Finally, the simplest of all! I am using this as a tea light candle holder, which I placed in the window above our kitchen sink. It was also a facial cream container and it was so plain that everytime I look at it, it seems to blankly stare back at me! So, I looked at my sticker stash and found some plastic transparent ones that has quotes on them. The quote is nice and the sticker fit just right!

So, from this:
To that!

They are all very simple projects, but I love them!

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  1. I'm e2java from Swap-Bot's Blogger Swap. Very creative ideas and I love the pictures - especially the stamps embellishing the Swiss Miss box. Too cute. I'm following your blog now.

  2. What fabulous and creative ideas! I especially liked the stamps one. Where do you keep all these potential containers?
    Thanks for linking up to Scrappy Saturdays!

  3. Thanks for the comments! @Scrappy Gifts, I have a box (from our rice cooker) which I call my crafts-to-do stash box. ;)


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