Monday, February 28, 2011

Handmade Mini Purseket

Late last year, an information about spoonflower's free fabric swatch was posted in the swap-bot forum. They are sending it internationally and it was free shipping! I immediately signed up on their website as I only have less than 12 hours to do so before the promo ends. There are so many designs to choose from but I wasn't able to look at everything due to time constraint. I love paisleys and the color Orange, so when I saw this one, I chose it. It is called Paisley Power!

At first, I planned to use it for a needlebook that I was planning to make for myself. But, I wished for it in the Wishlist group from Swap-Bot and somebody sent me one. :) So the needlebook project was postponed. Recently, I am so into pursekets and I really wanted a mini one to organize the accessories that I often use for my laptop, or to hold the cosmetics that I usually carry in my purse. I just hand-stitched it (I don't have a sewing machine :( and yes, I so wanted one!)! Anyway, it turned out alright and I'm so happy that I made it!

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Monday, February 21, 2011

Falling for "Tea Time"!

As of this posting, I consider myself a novice tea drinker! I always ask my husband to bring three boxes of tea when he comes home from his work abroad. One box for my mother, the other box for my father-in-law and the the third box for us. I don't drink it much, only when I am having gas in my stomach. One day, my husband told me to try putting milk in my tea. It did taste good, but then I was still not convinced to drink it more.

I am a coffee drinker and I usually have it during breakfast and in the afternoon. Last November, I decided to drink coffee only once a day. I have also decided that month that I will not drink cold beverages. So, I thought of having hot tea with milk instead. I was alone and it actually made me feel so relax! I feel like I am really having my little "me time" moment!

I was able to drink three flavored tea only and I like them too!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Splurging on an Umbrella!

Umbrella is very useful here in our country. During rainy season, rain pours down unexpectedly and when it's not rainy season, one of the best thing to shield you from the scorching heat of the sun is an umbrella! My husband always checks if I have my umbrella with me when I go out... hmmm... a little pressure there! The last one I had, I lent to someone and it was not returned. So again, I have to buy another one! I have lost quite a lot so I buy cheap ones.

While shopping for a new one, I saw this kitschy design. I found it so cute and I really liked it! It was a little expensive though, since it is automatic and was said to be durable than those cheaper ones. The frugal side of me was saying NO, but I got into so much thinking that if it's durable, it would last long anyway. Oh well, unless I don't lose it again! I guess this time, no umbrella lending anymore?

Simple Bag Charm

My recently bought handbag inspired me to adorn it with a simple bag charm. I haven't been into jewelry making crafts lately and my supplies have been sitting there for awhile now. The hardware used in the handbag are in antique gold color and I happened to have this little antique gold chain that is too short for a bracelet, so I thought, there it would be it's purpose after all! I don't have an antique gold clasp so I used a toggle lock with rose design.

Still inspired, I made one for my other bag. The chunky beads in pastel colors are made of acrylic and the deep colors are glass. I combined the pastel and deep colors so that it will not be too funky and formal.

To give my other bag the same attention (lol), I also made one for it. The black tassel is velvet, which used to cover the wire of a necklace that I do not use. It's really a great feeling to be able to create something nice using things from my stash. It makes me feel all the more creative!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Happy Birthday Hon!

Happy birthday my Honey! I wish we're together today celebrating your birthday! How I wish we're going to a romantic dinner! Anyway, I cooked Chicken Cordon Bleu for lunch. It was a success and everybody at home said they loved it! I am so looking forward to cook it again for you! Enjoy your special day hon!


My Chicken Cordon Bleu

Today is my husband's birthday and I cooked Chicken Cordon Bleu for lunch. It was my first try in cooking this dish and it was a success!!! I'm so happy! My mom, brother and nieces loved it! I have to wait for my sister's verdict later, as she was a little bit hard to please... jeezzz!

It's really a great feeling if you cooked something special and it's very much appreciated. My husband will surely like it, too bad he's still abroad. He's very excited though and it's gonna be one of the first dishes I'm going to cook for him when he's home. This dish is one of the main courses in our wedding reception. That's why it's special to me. Now, I'm inspired to research, learn and try new recipes!

Monday, February 7, 2011

Expected Too Much But Got Disappointed!

I just read a blog that talks about the author's disappointment about the cake she had from a certain bakery. Thus, I was inspired to write this, as I had a very similar experience recently.

There is this cakehouse in my hometown that is becoming very popular. I have been hearing how good their cakes are, that's why they're a little expensive. They opened a branch inside the mall and it became more accessible. I like checking out new restaurants and trying out different kinds of food so, my curiosity about the raves I heard with this cakehouse got stronger. Last Thursday, while at the mall (alone as usual), I decided to eat there. I ordered a chocolate frosted chocolate cake with custard filling and a cup of to go with it! Sounds yummy right!!! And this makes my food indulgence for the month! Yes, I have this little monthly food indulgence! Anyway, back to the cake, I chose it because I heard that it was really good. I was delighted when my order arrived because the slice was huge. But then, I was quite disappointed after my first bite because it didn't taste extra ordinary afterall! It was rich and not crumbly, but it would be better if it's a little bit moist. It was actually boring and for the first time, I wish it was not so expensive that it would not be such a waste if I don't finish it! Well, I can't speak for the other cakes because I think I just chose a wrong cake! I expected too much and it was not as I expected it so I got

Another instance that I can cite where I had so much expectations but was also very disappointed was with a movie. I just won't mention it because some readers might have liked it too much and maybe it was only me who didn't like it. Anyway, months before the movie was shown, there was a rave about it. It even became a featured theme in some online games and everybody seems to be waiting for its showing! It even have a special fee, higher than regular fee. So, you could just think that it must be a very good movie. My sister and I brought her daughter and our nieces to watch it. I was so disappointed! My nieces didn't even like it too. Well, I told them that, at least they have seen it.

I always believe that you will never know what is in store for you unless you do it, seen it and experienced it and you'll never know if a food is good or bad unless you taste it. Maybe, I should just not expect too much!


Friday, February 4, 2011

Kitchen Theme

My recent trip to the mall and visit to the kitchen ware section had me thinking of re-doing my kitchen. My present colors are blue and yellow. I really do not have a theme but it is done in country style. I am thinking of having more reds or maroons this time. I am also thinking of having a theme and I would love cherries!

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Lighthouse Pillow Sachet

This is my latest DIY craft project. I found this small lighthouse cross-stitch pattern and I decided to stitch it in my stash aida cloth. Some of the threads, I have to buy though. Anyway, I made it into a little pillow sachet where I can put some potpourri inside.

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Shopping... Such a Guilty Pleasure!!!

Recently, my husband noticed that the shirt I was wearing was over-used already (and so are most of my things!). I don't usually shop for clothes, bags and shoes unless I see something nice and cheap ;) I am more into "things for the house" shopper... So anyway, I decided that each month, I would buy one item. I started last month and I bought an automatic umbrella since weather here in the Philippines is so unpredictable (and my husband always checks if I have an umbrella with me when I go out)!

This February, I planned to buy a new blouse at the mall. However, I side-tripped to a flea market yesterday and I saw a beautiful slightly used satchel bag! I don't usually buy bags because I am happy with hand-me-downs but the off-white satchel bag really caught my fancy so I bought it!

I still went to the mall with the intention to just window-shop. Uh-oh... Alas, there was a new model of Sketchers Tone-Ups! I have been contemplating of getting myself a FitFlops sandals and the Sketchers version of it are equally nice and a little bit cheaper. It was so good and comfortable in my feet I wasn't able to resist having them bagged!!!

No regrets although I'm a little guilty about the blouse!