Thursday, March 17, 2011

What's the Occasion?

"What's the occasion"?... My niece asked me that question today, when I asked her opinion about the Chicken Teriyake I cooked for lunch. I always love her opinions because she would really rate it with phrases like, "I really really like it", "delicious, but not so so", "you shouldn't have put this and this" or "i don't really like it"!

Anyway, I was surprised with her question. I told her, there's no special occasion today, I just feel like cooking it. I seldom cook, and when I do, they are new recipes that I just wanted to try. That must be why they are so excited when they see me cooking in the kitchen... it makes them feel it is a special day!


Monday, March 7, 2011

Embellished Wall Organizer

I found this wall organizer in a trift shop. I really don't like the little frog image because it looks so childish, so I thought of embellishing it. I have been thinking of creating something using these cute novelty buttons that I have received from swaps, so I thought the wall organizer was the perfect project!

Here is the before...

The embellishments (I wasn't able to use the ribbons... It would be so easy to trim the edges with the ribbons if only I am using a sewing machine!)

And here is the after...

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