Thursday, October 20, 2011

Measuring Spoon & Cups Holder

I am very new to baking and I feel the need to surround myself with little notes about important details related to it. When I need some measurement conversions, I had to use the conversion application in my phone (I even use it for the timer since my timer broke down). It is really fine though, but sometimes, when I need to check something and my hands have flour or batter, I feel its inconvenience.

I had this measurement conversion printed when I joined a swap in swap-bot and the lady I had to send to love owls. It was cute so I printed one for for myself too.
Now that I need it, I want to hang it by the wall for easy reference. My first plan was to frame it in a wooden frame. I wanted a wood frame so that I can attach some hooks to hang my measuring cups and spoons. Since I don't have that frame on hand and I am practicing frugal living, I searched my recycling stash for something that will make do. And this is what I found. A cheap plywood wall hook and some wooden sticks (from the Desiderata scroll... the one I framed).
I just covered the board with a patterned paper and decoupaged the printed conversion on it for a laminated effect. The piece of cork was once a stand for a picture frame (I had the frame up in the wall so I took off the stand). I also covered the stick with a different paper for emphasis. Then screwed some hooks on it to hold my measuring cups and spoons. I used a wire to hang it. And this is how it turned out!
I also have this small temperature conversion (I really need it!) that I clipped from a food magazine and some stickers with baking theme.
Since the clipping is really small, I just decided to attach it to a scrapbook paper, stick the stickers around it, then brushed the whole thing with a transparent glue. The clip stand has not been used since a long time ago and now it has found its new partner!

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