Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Papemelroti Give-away!

There is a new give-away at Papemelroti! This time, it is a cute wall clock with a forest theme. Here is the link for more details Papemelroti's New Forest Theme Wall Clock Give-away

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Haven't Learned My Lesson!

Why do I keep doing it? Haven't I learned my lesson yet? These are the two questions I've been asking myself since Sunday afternoon. So, what am I talking about? Well, it is about not buying something I really like because I still want to think about it and when I have decided to go and get it, it is already gone! I always do this, always!

Some time ago, I saw this beautiful red flat shoes in a boutique. They fit me perfectly and the price is very reasonable, so I really liked it! I do want to buy it right then, but I decided to just give it a little thought and come back for it later. Such a wrong decision! It would have been a worthy "impulse buying" one! I always find it hard to look for shoes that fit me and now that I found one by chance, I did not grab the opportunity. Isn't there a saying "If the shoe fits, buy it"? I guess I have to keep that in mind now!

Aside from the shoes, there is also a fashion bracelet that I like and have decided to also buy it. The store is located in another commercial center, a block from where I found the shoes. When I got there, the shop is closed for the day! Talk about wrong timing, and it is really such! Now, I can't keep it out of my mind. I now have to go there on purpose to buy it... and what if, it too is gone? I certainly hope not, because I will be full of regrets by then!