Thursday, October 27, 2011

Fulfilling My Watercolor Artwork Dream

I love to draw, eversince I was a kid. Just paper and pencil drawings. I don't excel in it, but I feel that I have a passion for it. When I was in college, I really wanted to take art lessons. How I wished to learn painting with watercolors and oil pastels back then. But sadly, money wise, I got no opportunity. After a few years, the desire to take painting lessons came back when I get to pass by an art studio everyday on my way to work. I took the time and effort to inquire, but schedule won't permit and for practicality reasons, it was not on the top of my financial priorities. So, I had to force myself to just let it go.

Recently, as I was buying some craft supplies, I decided to buy a watercolor palette and some brushes. I really do not have any background on watercolors, but the desire to do it and do it now was so great that I finally found myself doodling and coloring. And here is my first ever watercolor artwork. It is now a page in my art journal.
The following day, I made another one again. I framed it and it is now hanging in our wall.

Hopefully, with more practice, I could make a better one and can directly paint without pencil outlines. Hmmm... how do you do that? I really wanna know!


  1. Cute paintings... I love the little mushroom! :) I love to paint but have worked mostly with acrylics. Watercolors intimidate me, but I found an instructional book on sale at BAM the other day, so maybe I'll give them a try soon!

    (This is angellarae from the Blogger Swap!! on sb)

  2. I am joining you from lovely blogs site, I love drawing to, I am also blessed to teach my kids at home and we are able to do lots of art works, I particularly like sketching, and Pastels. thank you fro sharing your crafting activities, I am looking forward to having a look around your blog.
    Nell from Australia


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