Monday, October 10, 2011

DIY Neck Pillows

I am having a stiff neck! At first, I thought it was due to my sleeping position or my pillow. But then, it may be due to my recent crafting activities, which was A LOT of decoupaging. I think I kind of strained my neck! I searched for some home remedies in the internet and it brought me to this suggestion, the rice therapy bag/pillow to relieve neck pains.

A couple of days ago, I bought this curtain for kitchen doors from a second hand rummage sale. I don't need it for that purpose but I like the print and I thought of making a throw pillow cover out of it since the idea of throw-pillow-cover-making has been hovering at the back of my mind for quite sometime now.
Anyway, I already cut the fabric in half before I saw the rice therapy bag project, so I decided to make one throw pillow, a small rice therapy pillow and a neck pillow. I'm still going to work on my rice therapy pillow (but I have used it already and it was very effective). I want to embellish and prettify it with ribbons but I ran out of ribbons at the moment (because all of it are still in my hometown). Good thing I got a couple of ribbon scraps on hand for the other two pillows.
I made another neck pillow. This was a table napkin that I bought from a thrift store about six years ago. I bought it because of the design. I just love the girl swinging on a tree branch!
I don't have a sewing machine so I hand sew all of them. Yes, it was so tiring because I did a lot of backstitches! But they turned out alright and I am loving them!


  1. Wonderful recycling idea- you do very well for hand sewing- I have to use a machine or it would fall apart- kudos to you-
    Thanks for sharing

  2. how does the rice help and do you have
    directions? thank you


  3. Lovely pillows, I love the one with the girl on the swing.

    -iggygirl (Check out my Blog #2 swap)

  4. The rice therapy pillow was really effective. It did ease my shoulder and neck pains immediately. I just saw a small pillow, about 4x3 and staffed it with raw rice. I did not heat it in the microwave though as most others do with their bags. What I did was, wrap it in aluminum foil, then heat it in a pan grill.


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