Saturday, May 24, 2014

I've Turned into an Orchid Hunter!

Yes, I've turned into an orchid hunter! It has been on my mind these past couple of months. I crave to go uptown and visit the orchid vendors and yes again, I go home with a potted Dendrobium or a few orchid cuttings. Yey!

Online time have been recently spent mostly in an orchid forum (, or searching for informations about orchids and looking at photos of orchids. Oh yes again, it's orchids, orchids and orchids!

This morning, I just thought of summing up the amount of my orchid purchases (eversince I got into it so much!) since April 2014 until May 2014. It surprised me that I was able to spent that amount already! Prior to this "orchid craze" phase, I kind of promised myself not spend on unnecessary things. But the hunt for new orchids was so strong that it made me not live up to my promise! >< I would like to make a new promise to myself and I am keeping my fingers crossed (lol)! Maybe, just one potted orchid each month or a few cuttings (in equal amount)? And a promise to just visit the orchid vendors once! Anyway, here are some photos of my growing orchids. I don't have photos of the cuttings though.

Mokara Red Robin Vanda
A birthday present for myself this May 2014

Green Dendrobium
Also a birthday present.

Airy Peach Dendrobium
This is really pretty! My favorite so far!

Blue Dendrobium