Thursday, September 15, 2011

Framed Vintage Postcards

I have been blog hopping from different blog link parties this week and I have seen so many beautiful craft projects that I am inspired to do. I am so happy that I have seen a lot of ideas about decorating a wall or walls with framed printable pictures. Our walls are practically bare, there are only two framed artworks in our living room and two little frames in our kitchen. Admittedly, it was really boring! Last month, I made a Desiderata frame and since then, I am obssessing to add more framed items in our walls. Then, I saw a lot of wall gallery projects and there was one who framed vintage postcards. I also have some vintage postcards and I have always thought of framing them. Well, I guess, a lot of inspiration and a little push were just what I needed to finally have them in frames and up in those bare walls for others to also see and enjoy. Being vintage made them more interesting and the prints, as well as the captions also evoke a hint of humor! Here they are!

When I saw these red frames from a thrift shop yesterday, I knew the cards would fit perfectly. The Dutch Kid Comic and the one that says "Ripping day..." would be in our living room and the other one with the hotdog stand would be hang in our kitchen (since it has something to do with food). And I would love a red frame in our kitchen to spice up the room!

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Sunday, September 11, 2011

Candle Holder Make-over!

Another project that has waited long enough in my crafts to-do list is updating the look of this little plain candle holder.
This was the give-aways during my aunt and uncle's renewal of marriage vows four years ago. There were so many extras and I was able to get five. Although very plain and kinda boring, they are scattered and displayed in our house. Yes, I have always wanted to decorate them, but I don't know why I wasn't able to do it sooner. Anyway, I saw an idea in a magazine where japanese papers were punched using craft punchers and then gluing them in some plain votive candle holders. Now, that's the idea plus the inspiration I have been waiting for! As I go over my stash box to look for some japanese papers, I saw some items that I think I can use instead. Like the green dry leaf. I have one of this in the bathroom and our color motiff in there is green. So, the green one goes to the bathroom. I also like polka dots, so I punched out some thin papers that I have. It's so cute! Since the effect of the coaster that I painted using old nail polishes was really great, I decided to do it again with one of the candle holder. I think it's beautiful. Still simple, yet they all look like they have come to life now!
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Saturday, September 10, 2011

Craft Marathon: Wall Decor Plaque and Drink Coaster

I finally got to do the craft projects in my “crafts to-do list”. First off was the wall d├ęcor plaque.
I bought this item in the country store that I visited three weeks ago. Supposedly, it has a plate stand, but they are sold separately and I think the stand was a bit expensive. Thus, the right side of my brain told me not to buy it and that I could think of something to do with it minus the stand. Since the plaque says “home is where you hang your heart”, I thought it would be best to hang it instead. Since it is made of clay, I decided to mount it in a square wood, so I can easily screw the hooks. I covered the square wood in red because the paint of the wall where I am hanging it is in the same shade as the wall plaque.

After the wall plaque, I made a drink coaster using another square wood. This square woods (6 pieces in one pack) are actually meant to be coasters, but I am doing another project using four of them. So there are two excesses, the other one was used already in the wall plaque and the other one I really did plan to use as a coaster. A coaster where it would just stay in our side table or coffee table. My mother in-law salvaged this old nail polishes that I once put in the trash. I told her I am throwing them out but she said they can still be used. Well, okay I was not up for argument and I did thought that maybe I could use them in future craft projects, so I kept them in my stash box anyway. And the time has come for their use!

Monday, September 5, 2011

Collecting Demitasse

Today, I got the chance to take a picture of my very small - but growing demitasse collection. They used to be my mini cup and saucer collection, until I learned that they are actually called "demitasse".

So, what is a "Demitasse"? According to wikipedia, "a demitasse is a small cup, used to serve Arabic coffee or espresso. In Spanish, it is called a pocillo".

My interest in collecting them started when my mother gave me a set of this mini cup and saucer (the green one). She got it from a neighbor who are having a garage sale. It was so cute. I did used it for tea and it was fun!

The other ones in my collection were bought out from the bargain shelves of different stores. They all came in just one pair. That is why maybe they were in the bargain shelves. I am always at a look out for them in those stores. I really wish to grow this collection!

Frugal Living - DIY Frame Project

I recently visited one of my favorite country-themed novelty store. The prices are reasonable and the products are really nice. I was out there to buy a ceramic wall decor for our kitchen. As I look at the items, I saw this wall frame with the Desiderata poem. I really love Desiderata and I would love to have that frame! Only, it was not on my budget! The store sells scrolls with poems and inspirational quotes in a recycled paper, and their new designs include a Desiderata poem! Yay! The price of the scroll is cheap so I bought one. Then, I scouted for a wooden frame in a thrift store and bought one. I took the picture out (which is a very commercial picture anyway) and placed the scroll in place. It fit perfectly (I just cut the two wooden ends that held the paper)! It looks very similar from the frame in the novelty store but the amount I have saved from doing it myself was almost half the price! Now, it hangs in one corner of our walls and I'm loving it!

Friday, September 2, 2011

Baking Adventure Began!

I have been on blogging break for the last three or four months. Months when I have so many things I wanted to blog about, if only I had the time to do so. My husband was home for a short vacation from work, so most of my time was spent chatting with him, doing more household chores and cooking... oh, a lot of cooking!!!

Last July, we bought a new gas oven and I decided to try baking. Something I have always wanted to do. I was so excited!!! I still am! There are still so many recipes I wanted to try. So, my baking adventure began...

Baking is really fun! My first time, I just used a pre-mixed ingredients. It was a butterscotch mix, where you just add fresh eggs and butter, then mix them all together. I was nervous, but it turned out okay. Yay!!!

I wish Talisay (my hometown and where my immediate family are), is just so near! I feel sad that I was and am not able to have my mama, my nieces and everybody back home taste my baked goods. :(

Back from a short haiatus!

I miss blogging! The past three months have been so hectic. My hubby was home from his short vacation from work, so most of my time was spent chatting with him, cooking and doing more household chores. Now that he's back to work, I'll have the time to spend on the computer and do some blogging again! It keeps me company and allows me to express my thoughts and feelings.