Wednesday, November 21, 2012

A New Drinking Glass!

My happiness is shallow, I must admit! I just can't help to be ecstatic when something new interests me. Well, maybe some people can relate.

I had lunch at McDonalds today and I noticed that the woman before me bought a drinking glass. She seems happy to have it, so when it was my turn and after I made my order, I asked the crew about the glass. She handed me two glasses and told me that's the colors they have left. It was a 2012 London olympics glass partnered by McDonalds and Coca-Cola. Since, the price is reasonable, I decided to buy a Purple color one. I like Purple too anyway!

When I got home, I washed it and used it. Gosh, I don't know but it just felt so refreshing to drink from! The contour of the glass is also nice and the color is great. When there is water, the color really comes out. I think it will be my drinking glass from now on!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Business Venture: Home Decors!

Earliear this month, I bought some Christmas decors. Figurines mostly. A nativity set, two houses for a Christmas village theme and a Christmas theme Penguin choir figurine. I tried to set up a Christmas village using whatever figurines I have that I can add to my new purchases. It then inspired me to look for more items at an online selling site. Of course, there are a lot of available items to choose from. But, I did not buy any, instead, I sold some!

Yes, I sold two items! One of the houses and the Penguin choir figurine. I got actually the biggest surprise of the year because of that. I started selling some old magazines last month and they are not selling at all. Since, there are still a duplicate house and Penguin figurine at the store, I decided to why not post them and sell at the site. In just 24 hours, when I opened my account again, the Penguin figurine was bought and there are watchers for the house! Then, the next day, somebody started inquiring about the house and just before the auction ended, I got a buyer already. Next thing I know, I was busy packaging the items.

Another surprise I had was that, I got a support from hubby to go for it when I told him I want to venture into that business. Well, just start with a small capital and it's okay then! And of course, a lot of beware of this, beware of!!!

I know that I may have sold some today but might take a while before I sell any again, but it is teaching me confidence, faith in myself and to be hopeful. Anyway, I really hope and pray that it will be successful!

I just want to share the picture of my Nativity set.

These are what I have sold:

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A Crafty Handmade Christmas!

Christmas is in the air! These past days, whenever I am having my coffee in the morning or my afternoon tea in our porch, I can already find myself singing "Malamig ang simoy ng hangin..." . It means "the breeze of the air is cool"! It is a Filipino song often heard during the start of the Christmas season. Anyway, it just inspired me to start putting up our Christmas decors. When I set up our tree, I decided I want a really filled up Christmas tree this year. However, I don't really want to buy new ornaments, so I thought of making some DIY decors myself.

First I made was repurposed a Christmas theme fabric into throw pillows. I bought it from a rummage sale about five years ago and I use it as a tree skirt. It was actually meant to be a fabric book with Christmas carols. I always wanted to cut them up and make them into throw pillows but I am waiting for the time when I can have a sewing machine. Since I still don't have the it yet, I decided not to wait and handsew them anyway. It took me three afternoons of back stitching! Hand and fingers ached, but like they say, no pain no gain!

Second, I made these tree cones. I covered the larger ones with gold ribbons and garland. Then I tried the wires. I formed it using just a cardboard cone and it's not as easy as I thought! Maybe it is easier if you form it in a cone styrofoam.

Third, is for the tree! I made this little stocking and seed beads icicles. The icicles look surprisingly beautiful that I want to make some more!

I'm still making some projects and will post them again next time!

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