Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The Bell and the Clock...

I went back to Chez Rose today to buy the "bell" that's been on my mind for days now. There were three designs a bird, a cow and the three ducks (the classic country style theme). I chose the three ducks. I would have paid for it and bring it home when I saw this wooden wall clock with a lighthouse painting. I love it but it's more expensive than the bell and the combined price, was, well not on my budget. The sales assistant told me that they accept lay-away plans, so, I ended up having the two items put to the plan. They would be up for three months... and then, they would be mine!

Oh! I forgot to mention. As I was contemplating on the lighthouse wall clock, the sales assistant showed me two other designs. One is a garden theme and the other is a beehive with the word "honey" in it. I love three of them! I mean, I have always love those design themes. I asked the assistant if I could change it in case I change my mind and she said I could (well, if the other designs are still there). So, I'm quite in a confused state right now about it. Which one will I get?

Lighthouse - would become part of my lighthouse collection.
Garden - I love gardening and I love drawings/graphics of birdhouses, watering can, garden gloves and flower pots. It's pretty and eye-catching. I'm quite drawn to it.
Beehive - I love graphics related to honey. It would be a nice decor for our kitchen.

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