Friday, June 18, 2010


I finally found a Lemon Grass Fragrance Oil. I've been looking for it since last week. I first experienced it's scent in the wellness spa that I went to. It was so soothing, energizing and yet calming! I like it so much that after I had my massage, I asked the receptionist if they happen to sell one! Sadly, they don't. So, the hunt for the elusive oil (well, until today) was on last week. I tried to look for stores that I know and think sells essential oils, but they don't have it. One store has a scented candle of it. Had I not seen one today, I would probably try the scented candle. Anyway, today, I went to another mall. I looked for it in the oils section and the sales assistant couldn't find one. So, I went away. When I passed by that section again, a tealight candle holder caught my interest. Beside it was a little group of fragrance oil and when I looked them up, there was a Lemon Grass scent! I'm so happy and right now, I'm enjoying it's soothing fragrance. The bliss of aromatherapy!


  1. I've never used oils before but I may have to look into it! I love using springy/summery scented candles this time of year, and then in the fall and winter I love using peppermint or cinnamon. I'll have to look into the lemongrass scent now!

    Thanks for being a part of Friendly Friday, by the way! I'm now following you back through GFC.

  2. Thanks for the nice comment! That's a very good idea in having cinnamon scented candle in the colder times of the year. The smell of your house must be so warm and comforting. My friend just told me that she saw some scented candles on sale and there was a coffee scent. I might look into it, it must be nice during mornings or even at nights when I'm too sleepy but still has so much to do!

  3. I bet that smells wonderful!! A perfect summery scent! :)

  4. Hi, new follower from Swapbot! I looove aromatherapy. We don't have any specialty stores where I live but I can go into Bath & Body Works and stay there alll day long! Love the smells :)


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