Thursday, February 17, 2011

Simple Bag Charm

My recently bought handbag inspired me to adorn it with a simple bag charm. I haven't been into jewelry making crafts lately and my supplies have been sitting there for awhile now. The hardware used in the handbag are in antique gold color and I happened to have this little antique gold chain that is too short for a bracelet, so I thought, there it would be it's purpose after all! I don't have an antique gold clasp so I used a toggle lock with rose design.

Still inspired, I made one for my other bag. The chunky beads in pastel colors are made of acrylic and the deep colors are glass. I combined the pastel and deep colors so that it will not be too funky and formal.

To give my other bag the same attention (lol), I also made one for it. The black tassel is velvet, which used to cover the wire of a necklace that I do not use. It's really a great feeling to be able to create something nice using things from my stash. It makes me feel all the more creative!


  1. You have such great ideas on your blog! I have LOTS of chains & beads hangin around & I don't know what to do with! Thanks for sharing this great idea!
    leecytx from swap-bot

  2. These are really lovely, what a great idea. I could do with whipping a few of these up as they'd make such lovely presents.

  3. Beautiful charms, the 2nd one is gorgeous.

    iggygirl (check out my blob #2 swap)


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