Monday, February 21, 2011

Falling for "Tea Time"!

As of this posting, I consider myself a novice tea drinker! I always ask my husband to bring three boxes of tea when he comes home from his work abroad. One box for my mother, the other box for my father-in-law and the the third box for us. I don't drink it much, only when I am having gas in my stomach. One day, my husband told me to try putting milk in my tea. It did taste good, but then I was still not convinced to drink it more.

I am a coffee drinker and I usually have it during breakfast and in the afternoon. Last November, I decided to drink coffee only once a day. I have also decided that month that I will not drink cold beverages. So, I thought of having hot tea with milk instead. I was alone and it actually made me feel so relax! I feel like I am really having my little "me time" moment!

I was able to drink three flavored tea only and I like them too!


  1. I love tea, there's so much variety. I like coffee too. : )

  2. Strange here in Ireland its all tea tea tea. but I prefer coffee11

  3. Oh I love tea so much! But then, I drink a lot of caffeine. It is a pot of coffee in the morning and then tea in the afternoons at my house.
    Learning how to prepare it properly helps a lot. Enjoy your tea adventure.

  4. I think this is so funny here in Ireland it's tea tea all the time.I have it with slimline milk and Dave has it with 3 sugars and full fat milk,strange different countries.Have you tried the herbal teas- raspberry is gorgeous with honey


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