Monday, February 7, 2011

Expected Too Much But Got Disappointed!

I just read a blog that talks about the author's disappointment about the cake she had from a certain bakery. Thus, I was inspired to write this, as I had a very similar experience recently.

There is this cakehouse in my hometown that is becoming very popular. I have been hearing how good their cakes are, that's why they're a little expensive. They opened a branch inside the mall and it became more accessible. I like checking out new restaurants and trying out different kinds of food so, my curiosity about the raves I heard with this cakehouse got stronger. Last Thursday, while at the mall (alone as usual), I decided to eat there. I ordered a chocolate frosted chocolate cake with custard filling and a cup of to go with it! Sounds yummy right!!! And this makes my food indulgence for the month! Yes, I have this little monthly food indulgence! Anyway, back to the cake, I chose it because I heard that it was really good. I was delighted when my order arrived because the slice was huge. But then, I was quite disappointed after my first bite because it didn't taste extra ordinary afterall! It was rich and not crumbly, but it would be better if it's a little bit moist. It was actually boring and for the first time, I wish it was not so expensive that it would not be such a waste if I don't finish it! Well, I can't speak for the other cakes because I think I just chose a wrong cake! I expected too much and it was not as I expected it so I got

Another instance that I can cite where I had so much expectations but was also very disappointed was with a movie. I just won't mention it because some readers might have liked it too much and maybe it was only me who didn't like it. Anyway, months before the movie was shown, there was a rave about it. It even became a featured theme in some online games and everybody seems to be waiting for its showing! It even have a special fee, higher than regular fee. So, you could just think that it must be a very good movie. My sister and I brought her daughter and our nieces to watch it. I was so disappointed! My nieces didn't even like it too. Well, I told them that, at least they have seen it.

I always believe that you will never know what is in store for you unless you do it, seen it and experienced it and you'll never know if a food is good or bad unless you taste it. Maybe, I should just not expect too much!


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