Thursday, February 3, 2011

Shopping... Such a Guilty Pleasure!!!

Recently, my husband noticed that the shirt I was wearing was over-used already (and so are most of my things!). I don't usually shop for clothes, bags and shoes unless I see something nice and cheap ;) I am more into "things for the house" shopper... So anyway, I decided that each month, I would buy one item. I started last month and I bought an automatic umbrella since weather here in the Philippines is so unpredictable (and my husband always checks if I have an umbrella with me when I go out)!

This February, I planned to buy a new blouse at the mall. However, I side-tripped to a flea market yesterday and I saw a beautiful slightly used satchel bag! I don't usually buy bags because I am happy with hand-me-downs but the off-white satchel bag really caught my fancy so I bought it!

I still went to the mall with the intention to just window-shop. Uh-oh... Alas, there was a new model of Sketchers Tone-Ups! I have been contemplating of getting myself a FitFlops sandals and the Sketchers version of it are equally nice and a little bit cheaper. It was so good and comfortable in my feet I wasn't able to resist having them bagged!!!

No regrets although I'm a little guilty about the blouse!


  1. Cool Blog! I'm one of your partners from the blog followers swap on swap-bot

  2. Awh, don't feel guilty about the blouse. You deserve it. Swap bot partner. Have a wonderful Sunday.

  3. I have the same problem...I usually wind up putting anything I want to buy for myself back and buy something for my son instead.

    Guilt trips are the worst! Don't let it get you down!

    -Kris (Your friendly Swap-Bot partner YarnOvers)

  4. Following you from Swap-bot, but I think I definitely want to continue to follow your blog. Your first paragraph I could so relate to! Plus I just love the colors of your blog, your images, and I just want more time to wander through it all! So I'll be following you! See you soon!

  5. Thank you everyone for visiting my blog! I'm glad you enjoyed your visit!

  6. Very nice blog!

    Never feel guilty buying yourself things you need. My problem is I tend to buy too much of "stuff" and not enough of what I need...LOL.

    I have a bunch of lighthouse postcard. I would be glad to send you some...just email me over at swap-bot.


  7. I wish I didn't feel the urge to go would save me a lot of money. lol. Don't feel guilty about anything, just enjoy what you bought!

    Happy swapping!

    Tanja (tanchyka on swap-bot)


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