Monday, September 5, 2011

Frugal Living - DIY Frame Project

I recently visited one of my favorite country-themed novelty store. The prices are reasonable and the products are really nice. I was out there to buy a ceramic wall decor for our kitchen. As I look at the items, I saw this wall frame with the Desiderata poem. I really love Desiderata and I would love to have that frame! Only, it was not on my budget! The store sells scrolls with poems and inspirational quotes in a recycled paper, and their new designs include a Desiderata poem! Yay! The price of the scroll is cheap so I bought one. Then, I scouted for a wooden frame in a thrift store and bought one. I took the picture out (which is a very commercial picture anyway) and placed the scroll in place. It fit perfectly (I just cut the two wooden ends that held the paper)! It looks very similar from the frame in the novelty store but the amount I have saved from doing it myself was almost half the price! Now, it hangs in one corner of our walls and I'm loving it!


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  2. What a great and frugal ideal! I have seen prints without frames and just didn't think about buying frames for them.

    Kraftykj (swap~bot)


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