Monday, September 5, 2011

Collecting Demitasse

Today, I got the chance to take a picture of my very small - but growing demitasse collection. They used to be my mini cup and saucer collection, until I learned that they are actually called "demitasse".

So, what is a "Demitasse"? According to wikipedia, "a demitasse is a small cup, used to serve Arabic coffee or espresso. In Spanish, it is called a pocillo".

My interest in collecting them started when my mother gave me a set of this mini cup and saucer (the green one). She got it from a neighbor who are having a garage sale. It was so cute. I did used it for tea and it was fun!

The other ones in my collection were bought out from the bargain shelves of different stores. They all came in just one pair. That is why maybe they were in the bargain shelves. I am always at a look out for them in those stores. I really wish to grow this collection!

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