Saturday, September 10, 2011

Craft Marathon: Wall Decor Plaque and Drink Coaster

I finally got to do the craft projects in my “crafts to-do list”. First off was the wall décor plaque.
I bought this item in the country store that I visited three weeks ago. Supposedly, it has a plate stand, but they are sold separately and I think the stand was a bit expensive. Thus, the right side of my brain told me not to buy it and that I could think of something to do with it minus the stand. Since the plaque says “home is where you hang your heart”, I thought it would be best to hang it instead. Since it is made of clay, I decided to mount it in a square wood, so I can easily screw the hooks. I covered the square wood in red because the paint of the wall where I am hanging it is in the same shade as the wall plaque.

After the wall plaque, I made a drink coaster using another square wood. This square woods (6 pieces in one pack) are actually meant to be coasters, but I am doing another project using four of them. So there are two excesses, the other one was used already in the wall plaque and the other one I really did plan to use as a coaster. A coaster where it would just stay in our side table or coffee table. My mother in-law salvaged this old nail polishes that I once put in the trash. I told her I am throwing them out but she said they can still be used. Well, okay I was not up for argument and I did thought that maybe I could use them in future craft projects, so I kept them in my stash box anyway. And the time has come for their use!

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  1. Great idea, the nail polish on the coaster looks pretty. You are very creative.

    -iggygirl (Check out my blog #2 swap)


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