Thursday, April 23, 2009

Fabric glue...

Went to the mall today and I was so tired from walking around. I feel so frustrated because I wasn't able to buy the number 1 item on my list! I need to have the curtains on my kitchen windows sewed already... but I can't find somebody to sew them... and I'm not really in the mood to do it myself. I thought of doing it myself at first, to save money but I am just not into sewing projects at this time. I've been putting it off for quite sometime now and I'm running out of time. Our houseguests will be here very soon! So anyway, I thought of trying out that fabric glue that says "No Sew". I've seen it in expressions and other stores. But to my frustration, it did not exist in the stores today. Even the sales personnel doesn't seem to know about it! What's so frustrating is that, I just saw it there last week! Good thing my right side of the brain got to work and an idea popped up... I'll just tape them using double sided tape! I hope it will work! Off to bed now... I'm so tired and sleepy!

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