Thursday, June 21, 2012

Used Postage Stamps Tray!

I finally made the tray projects that I planned to do six months ago! Gosh, that's how long I've been away from my crafting activities! Well, it's good to be back!

Last November, as I was going around the yard of my parents-in-law, I saw these two sound system speaker covers in their trash. The net covers were torn but the frame seems to be something that I can use for future projects, so I took them home.

I remember I saw a center table where the owner made a picture frame into a tray to hold their table accessories. I think it was really a great idea. So, I decided to do that.I looked at my paper stash to see if I have something that is whole and would fit the frame but I have none. Then I thought of the used postage stamps that I have collected from Swap-bot and I decided to make a collage of it for the design. I then went to a glass company and bought four pieces of clear glass that are cut to the size of the frames. All materials are set and just waiting for the craft day, but I got so busy preparing the house before I leave for my Christmas vacation in my hometown. A vacation that took me six months! ;)

Anyway, I'm back and yesterday, as I was putting the things I have acquired from Swap-bot for the last six months in their proper storage, a new baggie of used postage stamps reminded me of the tray project. These baggie of stamps were mostly vintage and since I love vintage things, I got so inspired and thought of using them for one of the trays. Excited much, I started lay-outing the stamps and eventually finished decoupaging them to the glass and let them dry overnight.

And finally, here they are:

For the center table:

The other one is for the our dining table. I used a red fabric scrap which I also got from Swap-bot.

How I made them:

I first took the net covering of the frame.

Then I glued one piece of glass to the frame using a silicone sealant.

Time to take out those lovely vintage used postage stamps and start collaging. As for the other tray, I covered the bottom glass with the fabric tightly.

Finally, I placed the other piece of glass on top of the collage and fabric. And these are the finished products!

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  1. I LOVE the postage stamps! What a great idea! It's been a while since I've seen postage stamps used in decor.. Good thinking, girl!


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