Sunday, June 24, 2012

Country Woman Magazine

I am currently reading a back issue copy of Country Woman magazine over breakfast. I really love that magazine! I enjoy reading it and I learned a lot about country living. More so, I learned how it is to be a "country woman" in deeds and spirit. It also gives me a lot of inspiration and motivation. I lived in the city (since I was born and) until I got married nine years ago. My husband came from another province, which is in the countryside and we have decided that we will live in his hometown since there is a house and a property already. So, I quit my job and moved. Also, I was not really domesticated at that time, especially when it comes to cooking, furnishing and decorating the house. So, I re-read my country woman magazines for ideas and they helped me a lot. It was also a good thing that I do love country style decorating.

Anyway, since they were special magazines and I am considering them one of my collections already, I keep them in a shelf in my bedside table. Sadly, two years ago, a very strong typhoon caused severe flood and our house was deeply flooded. I was not home that time and my brothers-in-law only saved appliances and furniture. I was so sad when I saw my magazines!

How I wish it is just easy and cheap for a subscription here in the Philippines. I only buy my copies from a bookstore that sells second hand books and back issue magazines. I first got my copy way back 2002 and I instantly fell in love with it. Since then, I hunt for other copies in the said bookstores. They were also being sold in a reasonable price. Some copies were even way cheaper. Of course, I also saw one from another bookstore where the price is way higher, but then, I really want it so I bought it!

I can say that I must have collected about 10 to 15 already. But now, I only have two! There is no bookstore like the one I mentioned above here and I just got my two copies during my recent trip to my hometown. This is why I am so happy when I am finally reading a copy again over french toasts and a cup of strong black coffee! Such a blissful morning!

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