Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Dream Room In My Dream house!

A room lined with shelves and filled with books has always been a part of my dream house. Well, they are still just a dream! The only bookshelf I got cannot even hold all the books I have anymore. Hmmm... I really should get a bigger one, one of these days!

Just a couple of days ago, four more books were added to my collection. I was feeling a little guilty about it because they were an "impulse buy". They were on a sale shelf and I just can't resist going over and browse the covers. I decided I'll get only one, but then I saw one by an author whose other books I already have, so I was thinking it was too good to pass on. Then I saw another one which seems really interesting and so I got it too. Okay, one last look, and that leads to one last book (grinning)! Enough, I told myself, and went straight to the cashier, paid for them and went out of the store! Oh but yes, it felt so good!

This one really interests me and I started on it today. I'm beginning to like it already! The two illustrations are from the book. Aren't they nice?!

This picture quote says it all!

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