Friday, April 24, 2015

Instant Spring In Our Garden

This time last year, my garden were full of blooms from my orchids, petite mini roses and other flowering plants. I have marveled in their beauty and they inspired me a lot to garden more. This year however, they seemed to have fallen asleep. Last year, it was like there was a springtime in our garden. Here in the Philippines, we do not have what is called the Four Seasons. Although I think we do have it, just not acknowledged like the way other countries do. For instance, during this time of year, flowers are also in blooms. Isn't that spring time? Then, there's summer where the heat is unbearable. Around August, leaves from trees keep falling off. Isn't that what they call the Fall season? We have never experienced snow, but around Christmas time until February, the temperature is unusually very cold. So, I guess, in a way we might have it.

These flowers I recently bought gave our garden an instant springtime feeling though.

Pretty in Pink Roses!
When I was younger, I thought the color Pink was too "little girly". I favored the color Yellow then, the butter yellow shade or the pastel one. As I reached my 40's, I cannot remember however, what triggered my sudden interest to Pink colored things. I guess, it's true what they say, "Life begins at 40"!

Anyway, at the farmer's market today, I saw this beautiful Pink Rose for sale. I normally buy the petite mini Roses ones, but I was kind of drawn to this one. For one thing, it is Pink and it looks so pretty! And those buds, would they just be so lovely when they open up! Also, the vendor kept lowering the price (I had to smile remembering it). From 180 pesos, she lowered it to 160. I asked if I could get it for 150, as well as 50 for the petite mini in Golden Yellow originally priced at 70, then 60. 200 pesos for the two. She said okay. Although it was another impulse buy with a feeling of guilt on the side, I still went home happy!

I really do not give justice to things with my photography. I do my best to get their best shots, but I guess my best wasn't good enough. Hahaha.

Millionaire's Flower
Isn't the color lovely? I always like to have this flower, however it was kind of expensive. But not, I just found out, when it is sold in a farmer's market! It also came with free lecture on how to care and propagate them. Isn't it great! :)

Just including my frugal/recycled/re-purposed garden project. The tin kettle had holes in the bottom already, so its time for it to be re-purposed as a planter for my begonias. The teacup and the mugs had broken handles. I grouped them together for that coffee/tea theme.

My orchids, this time last year.

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  1. The thing you call Millionaires flower is a hydrangea. It is blue or pink depending on the acidity of your soil. I LOVE them and have about 5 bushes now. In my old house we had about 20 of them but had alot more land. Thanks so much for your visit. My son-in-law is 1/2 Filipino. Have a beautiful day.

    1. Yey! Thank you for confirming that it is indeed hydrangea. I think it is but was not really sure. The vendor called it Millionaires. Yesterday, a friend suggested that I put it out in the front yard so it can be seen more because it is so beautiful but I'm afraid the heat (which is so terrible at this time) will kill it. :)


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