Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Bohemian Inspired!

Recently, I find myself busy surfing the net about things in Bohemian style and I am really liking it! Fashion wise, right now, I am only into wearing bracelets the boho way... the multiple mix bracelets. I am also changing the theme of our house decors into bohemian style! Last week, I looked for bright and colorful throw pillow covers in a thrift store. After washing them, I changed our curtains and throw covers. I have a mix orange colors curtain which I use during fall/halloween. The throws are now in Fuchsias, Orange, Lime and Aquas. It was a big change in colors. Before we were having Browns and creams.

Anyway, I also searched for craft ideas and so far, I have created two projects already.

Yesterday, I made my first ever dreamcatcher!

I also updated the look of our key holder rack.



I am now busy making paper beads to make a beaded curtain for our porch and I am planning a project which I will be needing a lot of assorted sizes and colors of glass beads. I'm excited to start on that! :)

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