Monday, June 10, 2013

Magnetized by Magnets!

It seems that I am being magnetized by magnets these past couple of months! How did it started?! My golly, right at this point, I can't seem to recall! I think it's true what they say, that a person gets to be forgetful after having a surgery with general anesthesia. Hmmmmm...still thinking...wait...think...focus...recall...

Yes! Finally, I recalled! I read somebody's profile in Swap-bot and she is offering privates swaps for wooden clog magnets from Holland. In exchange, she would like a touristy magnet that look or is shaped like postage stamp. I happened to have one and the wooden clog magnet sounds very interesting.

Around the same time, another Swap-bot swapper from Lithuania messaged me and expressed an interest to swap touristy magnets. She is a collector and she wanted one from the Philippines. So, I said why not. It would be nice to add new magnets in our fridge. Anyway, I like them too!

Wow, who wouldn't fall in love with these magnets I got from Lithuania? I wasn't able to take a picture of the magnet I sent but it was a typical Philippine Jeepney (Jeep) in 3D form.

A while back (even before I saw that post from Holland), somebody from Portugal has also proposed an interest for a private swap. I haven't confirmed the swap because at that time, I just got out from the hospital for my gallbladder surgery and that time, I still cannot decide what I want for the swap. But after my new sudden interest with magnets, we agreed to have the swap. She sent me a typical touristy souvenir from Portugal which is the Galo de Barcelo, of course in magnet form. Oh, and she sent me a lot of other items too! Actually, a lot lot more! She is such a very generous lady! For my part, I sent her decotapes and flavored teas.

And then the search goes on. I really love magnets with kitchen/food themes. I particularly requested for these magnets and I'm so happy to have them! The olive oil jar is from Greece and the one that looks like pancakes in a frying pan is from Belarus. It is a typical pancake from Belarus and it's made of potatoes. The words said "Bon Apetite" in Belarus.

A lot more has arrived after then. It seems like it was raining magnets in my mailbox the last couple of months!

This is the first magnet I bought because I really like it. It's my favorite!

I also bought this magnets, but I don't put them in the fridge. I use them in my desk since they have an office/school theme.

I am glad they are growing! I hope you enjoyed reading and looking at my magnets. :)

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