Wednesday, November 14, 2012

A Crafty Handmade Christmas!

Christmas is in the air! These past days, whenever I am having my coffee in the morning or my afternoon tea in our porch, I can already find myself singing "Malamig ang simoy ng hangin..." . It means "the breeze of the air is cool"! It is a Filipino song often heard during the start of the Christmas season. Anyway, it just inspired me to start putting up our Christmas decors. When I set up our tree, I decided I want a really filled up Christmas tree this year. However, I don't really want to buy new ornaments, so I thought of making some DIY decors myself.

First I made was repurposed a Christmas theme fabric into throw pillows. I bought it from a rummage sale about five years ago and I use it as a tree skirt. It was actually meant to be a fabric book with Christmas carols. I always wanted to cut them up and make them into throw pillows but I am waiting for the time when I can have a sewing machine. Since I still don't have the it yet, I decided not to wait and handsew them anyway. It took me three afternoons of back stitching! Hand and fingers ached, but like they say, no pain no gain!

Second, I made these tree cones. I covered the larger ones with gold ribbons and garland. Then I tried the wires. I formed it using just a cardboard cone and it's not as easy as I thought! Maybe it is easier if you form it in a cone styrofoam.

Third, is for the tree! I made this little stocking and seed beads icicles. The icicles look surprisingly beautiful that I want to make some more!

I'm still making some projects and will post them again next time!

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