Monday, July 28, 2014

In the Mood for Beaded Jewelry !

These past couple of weeks, I was in the mood for making beaded earrings for myself and as always, once I start making one, I can't seem to stop so I end up making more! Then I ran out of ear hooks/wire (sad facing), so I decided to make some bracelets. And guess what, yes, I think I am running out of beads!

These are the earrings I made.

I changed the round Torquiose earring. I think it looks nicer with the Red Coral combination.

I love this one. The beads look like a Pink camouflage and it is just so cute.

The last but not the least. Amethyst stone chips and Purple glass beads.

Now the bracelets...

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  1. Nice! I especially like the turquoise earrings! I make bead jewelry, too. Pag may time. Hehe. :)


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