Monday, April 14, 2014

Springtime in my Garden!

Here in the Philippines, we do not have what you call the Four Seasons. The "Winter, Spring, Summer or Fall" kind of four seasons! Well, except of summer though. But since I started gardening and spending a lot more time outdoors, I have seen and experienced the changes in the environment. Like recently, almost all my flowering plants bloomed and it looks like it was springtime in my garden! Summer just started and arghhh... it is so hot! After summer, it is gonna be what we call the rainy season and a few months after that, I am sure I will be very busy sweeping the falling leaves. Isn't that the season of Fall? So, I guess, there is Fall season in the Philippines too! It is just not acknowledge as such though. Winter, well, snow is impossible but the temperature does go down so much too that one can say "Oh, it is so cold"! Anyway, I have taken some photos of my plants that sprung beautiful blooms this April of 2014!

My Orchids!
Aren't they pretty? I only know the name of the first one. The Vanda. The other three, I cannot identify. Maybe someone can help me name them? I am not really into growing Orchids, I just happened to have them. And now that I have seen them all bloom at the same time, it really perked my interest to grow more Orchids. Why not?

The one with the Orange flower is called Don Manuel. I don't know the name of the one with Pink flower.

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