Saturday, August 10, 2013

Just A Glimpse On My Crafting Essentials

After sealing the envelopes that I am going to mail for my swap partners, I just had an urge to snap some pictures of my crafting essentials. With these little things, preparing my swap items and envelopes make it very enjoyable. I even feel sad when a decotape I am using was all used up.

Anyway, I have two notebooks. The one on the left is where I write the details of my swaps. The one on the right is my "anything under the sun" notebook. Good thing my three favorite pens fit in the pen holder of my notebook organizer!

My other writing materials. My Red pencil case was a Christmas gift from my cousin about 15 years ago! It holds my ruler, Black gel pen, Purple ink gel pen, Black sharpie, my Bic mechanical pencil, correction pen, eraser and stencils.

The cutting edge! My letter opener, scissor for the tapes/adhesives (the Gray one), scissor for papers (the color Pink/Yellow) and my cutter.

My adhesives! Decotapes, packaging tape for protecting the insides of my homemade envelopes and my ever favorite, the double sided tapes!

My current decotape designs!

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