Monday, July 29, 2013

DIY Nail Art!

Four Sundays ago, I gave my nails a "nail art" treat. I don't go to salons for manicure or pedicure, so I have to "DIY" my nail art. So far, the easiest design that I can think of and believe I can do was polka dots.

Feeling young on my 4oth, I bought a Lavender color (First Crush by Caronia) polish. I have Pink polish already and I planned to combine the two colors.

Second time was the Red one with the White Tulip-like design. I really don't know what to call it (lol).

My third design was inspired by Candy Crush. I saw it as one of the backgrounds in the game. So I bought a metallic Pink and metallic Blue polish. I first applied the Pink ones and while waiting for it to dry, I realized that the Pink on Black looks really cute... sweet Pink on a witchy Black nails. So, I am calling it Sweet 'n Witchy! I will have that design next week though, since my toenails are done with the Candy Crush design already.

I just love this article, 5 Nail Polish Colors Every Girl Should Own!

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