Saturday, August 4, 2012

My Pink Lily's First Bloom

I remember how ecstatic I am when I first saw that my Lily plant is going to have it's first bloom. I forgot what color it is and so, the anticipation added more excitement. Everyday, it was the first thing I look in my garden. I fell in love with it even more when I saw the bud started opening and I had a glimpse of some pink shade! Gosh, a Pink Lily! I wanted to take a photo of it, but I decided to wait another day when it opened more. But then, came the bad weather. A very bad one. A stormy one that eventually became a typhoon in our area. A typhoon that stayed for days, almost a week! I could not go out in the garden to marvel the blooming of the Lily up close. I only look at it from the window.

So I grabbed the chance to get some photos when the rain stopped. By the time the typhoon was gone, the flower was not in its best condition anymore. I am really disappointed and sad that I was not able to indulge myself in my first Pink Lily!

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