Monday, February 6, 2012

Booksale Finds!

Recently, I find myself wanting and planning my very own recipe book. The recipes that I would include are those that I have cooked already, so I am thinking of making an art journal type wherein I will just print the recipes on the printer then paste them on a cardstock. I think I'm a little lazy to hand write everything right now! I hope I can start on it real soon, well, as soon as I decide how I would finally do it... on a ring binder or on a binded notebook! Decisions, decisions!

Since, I was looking for ideas on DIY recipe books over the internet, I also found myself obsessing with cookbooks. A trip to the booksale gave me these three great finds! They are second hand books but they are in great shape. Well, the Campbell, being vintage, seems to have seen some better days.

I am so happy when I found this Campbell cookbook. It's vintage and it's red! A real great buy, only 35 pesos!
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