Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Iya and Me... Having Tea!

Iya and Me...
Having Tea!

Talking ‘bout life
And being a wife.
We talk about problems
And how we can solve them.

We talk about kids
Wishing we also have our own to kiss.
We will be great moms
If only our babies would come.

We’re getting older
So our worries grow stronger.
We want to be mommies
And our hubbies daddies.

It would make our lives sweeter
And make us feel better.
How we wish baby
We’ll also have you one day.


I made this poem for my friend Iya. We were exchanging e-mails about our thoughts and feelings about not getting pregnant, then I saw a country graphic that shows two women having tea. I thought of naming the graphic as Iya and Me... having tea. It rhymed! So, I was inspired to add another line, and then another, until I was able to make it a poem.

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  1. My friend Iya gave birth to their daughter already!


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